Welcome to Cat Sanctuary Zanzibar

Cat Sanctuary Zanzibar is the first foundation to specialize on taking care of stray and feral cats. Currently we do not own the land we are on leasing, however its suitable area for our residents. 

The sanctuary for cats only , the plan is to accommodate 150,000 stray and feral also trap-neuter-return project is in our package to ensure the cat population become low, currently there are 130 cats as the first batch , two helpers stay there 24/7.

Years ago cats were regarded as companionship while staying mostly at home. not anymore you will see many stray cats suffering in every corner of the city and villages with only one organisation to support them Cats are obliged to survive in a very harsh conditions and are victims of extreme cruelty including poisining, vehicle accidents and attacks by children and feral cats haters. Most of the stray cats in Zanzibar earn their  food by sneaking into tourist restaurants, fish market eating the leftover of bones and gills of fish, sometimes they feed on the food particles in garbage and rats in the drainage.                                                                            Stray and feral cats place - they survive in the gardens, on the trees and roof top of buildings abandoned areas 


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