Raise funds to help homeless pets                                                                                                                                                          Your contribution goes straight to work helping thousands of homeless cats in Zanzibar Cat Sanctuary. Help, save the lives of homeless pets. All the funds you raise will be put straight to work helping cats in shelter over the country find their forever homes.

Monetary donations help us cover the expenses of providing everyday shelter /care, volunteer welfare(food and accommodation) as well as needed veterinary care. Know that your gift truly makes a difference! 

You can also donate 
  • Towels, pillow cases/duvet covers/sheets and small blankets.
  • Litter Trays, Food bowls, Litter Scoops.
  • Cat carriers, cat litter (any type).
  • Toys..
  • Bin bags, pens, white board markers/ white A4 printer paper. 
  • Monetary

Thank you for helping us to help them!