Spice tour with cat sanctuary visit

Getting to the Bambi Cat Sanctuary

Getting to Bambi is easy from Stone town each day. Traveling  takes around 55 minutes, you will also enjoy the local dishes, spice tour, village tour and work/ play with cats . It costs $45 only but it's advised to reserve ahead just to  get space for you.

The tour and price includes, transfers from and to Stone town, traditional big lunch, masala tea, spice tour and playing with cats

If you like cats, we encourage you to visit Bambi spice farm and its Cat Sanctuary. You’ll be able to play with lots of happy cats and check off a visit to one of the lesser-known Zanzibar rural area.

We believe that cats deserve the highest quality of life possible, so far we can not fulfill every need of cats , at least they fill their tummies with food and people in the sanctuary are great to cats.

 There is also bush eco-bungalow accommodation for those who want to spend a night or two in the farm, we can cook for you or you can have self catering, so far we can not fulfill except outside of this shelter their lives are in a danger.

The operators of the facility could not be more friendly and enthusiastic. For them, it’s truly a labor of love. They know most of the kitties

Guests of the sanctuary will enjoy the laid-back style and the ability to interact with these happy cats.

Visitors are encouraged to leave  donation to help the Sanctuary continue its rescue work and provide life-long care for the cats.

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